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Empower Network Forum Is here!

Is there an official Empower Network Forum?

The answer is simply no, or at least…not but. But I've created my own Empower Network Forum at EmpoweredNetworkForum.com until they perform. David(s) if you're listening, I'd LOVE to function as official Empower Network Forum admin. I have built a number of large forum communities before (mostly inside the stock market niche before I ran across Empower Network was a terrific way to make as much (and more) than I available using the stock market with none of the risk.

However, I digress; I've created the unofficial Empower Network Forum for all Empower Network Members to connect with each other and have all the information they need displayed in an easy to navigate, easy to use, familiar vBulletin forum file format.

Why do we will need an Empower Network Forum when we have so many myspace pages and groups? Good question. There are several advantages a true forum has over Fb.

1) When a person post a question in the Facebook group it is very quickly lost (often within several hours or so it drops from the daily timeline and so it's often very difficult to get an response to your questions before it drops off. With a real forum it is possible to see discussions and obtain answers or replies to some thread.

2) Facebook groups in many cases are exclusive. My Empower Network Forum is perfect for all Empower Network members worldwide to make use of and it's free! Where else can you come together with all the global Empower Network membership? No where that I've discovered which I created my own, personal Empower Network Forum.

3) Free Encourage Network Backlinks! There is a area devoted entirely to Encourage Network Forum members to allow them to create threads (using your Empower Network blog publish titles) and post links to "Read more about [keyword phrase] right here >>" (I guess you clicked that…that's the power of a link). This has the powerful effect of getting you a powerful offsite one way link to your Empower Network blog post (great for SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING!).

4) You may use your Empower Network Forum link on Facebook to connect to your Empower Network post creating much needed Facebook traffic returning to your post.

4) It's a great way to network with other Empower Network members and find out what they are doing and how they are succeeding with their own Empower Network business. For example you could learn how to get to Google Site 1 - position 1 in 45 minutes to get a local search term such as Kogan Error: Service status is not really valid

5) You can easily advertise your Empower Network link in your signature! This is a smart way to promote your own join link and obtain people to join your own Empower Network.

So, if you're lost with no serious sponsor come and spend time at the biggest non official Empower Network Forum in the world and start to feel some great benefits of a real, proper, professional forum.

Empower Network Forum Will be finally Here!

You're welcome at ->Empower Network Forum

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